Stanley Bronstein Interviews Dr. Greg Marcus


Greg is a recovering workaholic who helps the chronically overworked find life balance through his book, public speaking, and personal coaching. In his first incarnation, Dr. Greg was a research scientist, earning a Ph.D from MIT in molecular biology, followed by a research fellowship at Stanford. In his second incarnation, he spent nine years as a marketer in the genomics industry, managing breakthrough technology that helped revolutionize human genetics research.

For a time, he was working 90 hours a week, which impacted his personal health and family relationships. Then, he cut his working hours by a third, and at the same time accelerated his career. The secret? He rejected his corporate idolatry, and started putting people first. Two years after putting his life into balance, Dr. Greg left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home dad, speaker, coach, and author.


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