Stanley Bronstein Interviews Dr. Gayle Carson


Gayle was born in Albany, NY and showed managerial promise even at the tender age of three. While performing a somersault in her first dance recital, Gayle’s crown suddenly fell off. Rather than finish the show without her full costume, she asked that the music be stopped so she could put her crown back on. The musicians complied and waited to continue until she said “OK! Let’s do it again.” Thus began her career as a “showstopping” entrepreneur.

Today, Gayle’s an expert advisor and coach to CEO’s and entrepreneurial managers around the world and holds a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and CMC (Certified Management Consultant), the highest designations in their respective fields. The first and only woman to serve as chair of one of the largest Better Business Bureaus and developer of the cable TV series “Business Today,” she has received numerous peer honors, is named to over 50 “Who’s Who” books and been featured in USA Today, the Wall St Journal, Newsweek, and on the Larry King radio show, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.


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