Stanley Bronstein Interviews Gail Archer


Gail is an internationally renowned concert organist and recording artist who just released her seventh solo album titled, The Muse’s Voice: A Celebration of Women Composers. It features works by today’s leading female composers. As one of the few female organists in a male dominated field, Gail serves as an advocate for female organists and composers. She says she’s on a mission to celebrate women organists and composers in liturgical music.

Gail is the chair of the music department at Barnard College, director of artist and young organ artist recitals at Central Synagogue, and concert organist at Vassar. She’s released such albums as J. S. Bach “The Transcendent Genius”, Mendelssohn in the Romantic Century, A Mystic in the Making – Olivier Messiaen, and Franz Liszt – A Hungarian Rhapsody. Known for her musicality and sensitivity and for giving her interpretations a visceral quality, she’s hailed for maximizing the organ’s colors and capabilities. According to the New York Times, she plays with a “sense of vulnerability and awe.”


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