Stanley Bronstein Interviews Faith McCune


Faith says that, as a child, she lived an idyllic life, nurtured by a father who doted on her and encouraged her in everything she did. One of her early dreams was to be a writer. Unfortunately, her father succumbed to cancer when she was eight and her downward spiral began. With no positive influence in her life, she turned inward and eventually spent years alone and isolated, riddled with self-doubt, insecurities, and sadness. She says her mother, at a loss to help, decided to give her a puppy. Eventually, dogs became her passion as well as a lifeline.

One event changed everything. She went to a seminar where she engaged a life coach who drew a line in the sand and said “the time is now” to write her book. With her pointing the way, her book, Duffy’s World, Seeing the World through a Dog’s Eyes, became a published reality amid rave reviews in December 2013. What she also discovered along the way is that Duffy’s story is a parallel to her own life – love, loss, isolation and potential realized.


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