Stanley Bronstein Interviews Coach Erich Nall


Coach E, has been a prominent figure in the Los Angeles community throughout his life as an educator and promoter of health, physical fitness and self-improvement. He’s served as a mentor and father figure to more than a thousand young men and women throughout the Los Angeles area.

He left corporate America in 1986 to follow his passion to help more children in South Los Angeles become higher achievers in elementary school. A product of South Los Angeles himself, his desire led him to become the Founder of Collegiate Search Youth Organization. To date, Collegiate Search has assisted more than 5000 students (male and female) into colleges and universities across the country.

While Erich was offering a fitness program to the youth, he felt compelled to bring health and wellness to the community at large. He created and founded Ultimate Transformations Training and has coached and trained many successful professional athletes, actors, models and others in the entertainment industry for over 18 years. Since its inception, Coach E. has trained notable athletes, such as, Olympic gold medalist, Misty May Treanor and, Olympic gold medalist Maurice Greene. He has trained professional basketball, soccer and football players, including: NFL star performers.


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