Stanley Bronstein Interviews Emma Christopher, Ph.D


Emma is an academic historian and writer who was born in the UK but has more recently lived in Canada, the US and now Australia. After seeing, first hand, the effects of slavery—both that endured centuries ago and in recent times—she felt compelled to become a filmmaker and anti-slavery campaigner to try and put an end to this age-old practice.

Involved in acknowledging the legacies of slavery, she’s most recently spent several years tracing the origins of songs preserved by one group in the African diaspora. When she found a remote chiefdom in Sierra Leone where people recognized and could join in with the remembered songs, she arranged for a reunion trip. She’s spent the last few years working to understand not only what it means to the people in the diaspora to have this connection, but also what it meant to the Africans to finally discover what had happened to some of their lost people. She believes their story helps us all to understand the power of family, belonging and hope.


They Are We – A Cuban / African Reunion Story

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