Stanley Bronstein Interviews Dr. Emad Rahim


Emad is a Khmer American who came to the USA as a refugee. He was born in a concentration camp in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. On the day he was born, his father was being tortured and eventually executed. His older brother died of starvation and sickness in the concentration camp. Emad and the rest of his family eventually escaped and ended up in a refugee camp in Thailand, which lead to their eventual sponsorship to come to America.

Like many refugees in America, Emad and his family struggled with poverty, violence, racism, identity and literacy. While living in Brooklyn, Emad was shot in the leg during a block party which forced his mother to relocate them to Syracuse. In Syracuse, they grew up living in section 8 housing, where Emad says he struggled with the same types of violence related problems. He was selling drugs, getting into fights, hanging out with gang members and was even stabbed. Then a mentor named Willie Dowdell changed Emad’s life.


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Emad With His Mentor, Willie Dowdell and Wllie’s Wife


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