Stanley Bronstein Interviews Coach Elwyn McRoy


Coach McRoy is an assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of Texas-Pan American. He’s worked for 12 different college basketball programs since 1997. Over the years, he’s skipped meals, slept in cars, and lived thousands of miles from his wife and kids, all so he can pursue his dream of coaching college basketball. Unfortunately, the life of a college basketball coach isn’t always as glamorous as it might seem. That’s because like most college sports, it’s a business. It’s a business where coaches get short-term contracts and there’s high turnover.

Coach McRoy’s profession is filled with people struggling to stay on their feet. Coaches who once had four or more years to prove themselves sometimes get cut loose in half that time, as administrators show less and less tolerance for losing. Assistant coaches, who almost always lose their jobs when their bosses go, often have the hardest time making it back in.

He’s well liked among many former colleagues and players, who describe him as outgoing, witty, and generous with his time. He’s the kind of guy who remembers the names and birthdays of colleagues’ kids, who supports fellow coaches by trying to take in a game or two of every team on campus.  In short, he’s the kind of coach you would want your kids to play for.


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