Stanley Bronstein Interviews Dr. Edward Friedman


Dr. Friedman’s interest in health led him to major in Biology at Brown University and to obtain a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Theoretical Biology at the University of Chicago. He never considered pursuing a medical degree because he found the idea of being trained in how to use drugs to treat symptoms a waste of time.

All of his recent publications challenge the accepted dogma of the medical establishment. He considers it a challenge whenever he reads a medical article that describes results as paradoxical or counterintuitive. From their point of view, this means that the results are not what they were taught to expect. From Dr. Friedman’s point of view, this means that the model that they were taught in medical school is fatally flawed.

In the case of prostate cancer, breast cancer, and Alzheimer’s, he could not rest until he had developed models that fit all of the known facts, including articles that claimed to find paradoxical results. His research involves categorizing the known properties of the hormone receptors and identifying which receptors help cancer grow and which ones help kill the cancer cells.


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