Stanley Bronstein Interviews Douglas Won, MD FAAOS


Douglas Won, MD, FAAOS, is the founder and director of Minimally Invasive SpineCARE and Star Medical Center, which are divisions of Lumin Health. Dr. Won has more than 15 years of experience in medicine and more than a decade as a back specialist. Approximately 95% of his patients are treated non-surgically, but when surgery is necessary, Dr. Won employs the most non-invasive methods possible. He helped develop endoscopic laser spine surgery and was the first surgeon in Texas to perform it with a 3 millimeter incision, the size of a small grain of rice. Such a small incision, performed with the right tools, results in less damage to the skin and muscles, less blood loss, less pain and a faster recovery time.

Dr. Won is one of the most highly trained spine specialists world-wide, having completed fellowship training in spine surgery at William Beaumont Hospital’s Spine Center, as well as fellowship training in cervical spine surgery, microscopic spine surgery and spinal deformity surgery at Washington University School of Medicine.


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