Stanley Bronstein Interviews Dave Cooperstein


Since joining the architecture firm, PGAV Destinations, in 1998, Dave has brought a unique sense of excitement and drama to the creative design department. His design skills and experience range from traditional architecture practice to theatrical scenic design. Dave has used these skills in his work on the firm’s entertainment projects, as well as some of the more traditional architecture commissions.  One of his most memorable experiences was working on the Glacier Run project at the Louisville Zoo.

Architecture has turned out to be a perfect fit for Dave, combining both the technical and creative aspects of his personality. In the past, he’s unleashed his creative side in a multitude of ways. An active member of the International Jugglers’ Association for over ten years, he’s become a talented juggler by performing at fairs, festivals, and street performances. Dave’s also a comedic actor who’s practiced for over twenty years, performing in dramas, classical plays and Shakespearean plays, but mostly comedies.


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