Stanley Bronstein Interviews Darline Yatim


Darline Yatim is the owner of Shrewsbury Health and Racquet Club (SHARC) in Shrewsbury MA. Her personal journey goes all the way from losing 150 lbs after having a high-risk pregnancy to now owning a health and fitness club. Darline, who had never before struggled with weight, developed eating issues after an unfortunate turn of events at her job. From there, she explored every fad diet there was, receiving no results. Finding herself undergoing a high-risk pregnancy because of her weight, she realized she had to be healthy not only to save her own life, but for her children.

Her health transformation began when she volunteered as a swim instructor so that her kids could get free swim lessons. Re-discovering her health, Darline moved her way up as manager of another health club, which soon led her into the front doors of SHARC and later to becoming its owner. Now, she works closely with her members and her community toward helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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