Stanley Bronstein Interviews Dane Short


Several years ago, Zymbol founder Sally Short decided to make a pendant for herself by overlaying the letters “LOVE IS ALL U NEED” with a peace sign. When the necklace arrived, someone in her family noticed that from the side angle, the letter “K” was in the necklace, despite the fact that the letter ‘K” was not used in the original message. This revelation led to a night of trying to find more letters and messages in the design. In the end, the Short family found all 26 letters of the English alphabet and the primary numbers 0-9 within Sally’s doodle!

It was this finding that inspired them to start Zymbol – a company whose flagship design represents all the letters A-Z and whose jewelry could mean anything to anyone since the message possibilities are endless! People from all walks of life wear Zymbol containing their personal message of inspiration – from breast cancer survivors to members of the military. For every Zymbol sold, one is gifted to a child in the hospital. They visit various Children’s Hospitals where they let kids pick out their favorite color pendant and then have them TRACE out personal messages of inspiration. Kids trace out messages like, HOPE, LOVE, NEVER GIVE UP and YOU ARE A WARRIOR.



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