Stanley Bronstein Interviews Dale Genetti


Dale says she’s been clean & sober from the disease of alcoholism for 26 years. She did not come from a family of alcoholics, yet she says both of her parents were depressed. Her mother unsuccessfully attempted suicide when Dale was 12 and her father successfully committed suicide when Dale was 25. Dale says she started drinking when she was 15 which led to trying other types of mind altering substances such as marijuana, cocaine and Quaaludes.  She never entered into the world of hallucinogenics or heroin, as those did not appeal to her. Her first drug of choice was alcohol.

She says that from the first time she started drinking she would, for the most part, get very sick, throw up and then blacking out. She says she never passed out but blacking out was common for her. She says her personality would change depending on the circumstances. She never knew if she was going to have an enjoyable evening or if she would turn violent and angry. She says she sought counseling briefly . The therapist suggested that she may have a drinking problem. She tried Alcoholics Anonymous but didn’t stay past 3 months. She says she wasn’t ready. She continued to drink alcoholically for the next 9 years. One day, that all changed.


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