Stanley Bronstein Interviews Clifford Peters


Clifford’s been a landscaper and lawn care specialist for over 30 years in Florida. He believes lawn care is the oldest profession known to humanity, so we ought to be pretty good at it by now. He says it’s our responsibility to till or take care of the earth’s vegetation and that our job is to keep out the weeds and manicure the native plants trees and shrubs.

He says one the side benefits of his work is that, at the age of 53, he has much more strength, endurance, speed, agility and intuition than the average 20 year old. He also says he has a tenacious, persistent, getter-done attitude to go along with it. He says he can out work and outpace most men from their early 20′s on up. He says his job and industry has been a natural health club workout, without paying dues at a gym. Most of all, he says it’s given him an appreciation for God for his awesome creation, along with the privilege to properly care for our great land called Earth.


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