Stanley Bronstein Interviews Chuck Gallagher


Currently COO of a national company and former Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for a public company, Chuck may have found a sales niche early on in life selling potholders door to door, or convincing folks to fund a record album of his musical performance at age 16, but it was the school of hard knocks that provided a fertile training ground for Chuck’s lessons in success.

In the middle of a rising career, Chuck lost everything because he made some bad, unethical choices. He has since rebuilt his career and his life back to immense success. With more vulnerability than the average keynoter, Chuck shares with his audiences his life journey, the consequences of his unethical choices, and how life gives you second chances when you make the right choices. In his presentations, Chuck shares understandings of not only “how to”, but also “what motivates behavior” – behavior of individuals that can create personal and professional success.


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