Stanley Bronstein Interviews Caroline Cummings and Whitney Snell


Caroline is a serial entrepreneur, and has been the co-founder and CEO of two internet companies, and has raised close to $1M in investment capital. Her biggest passion in life is mentoring – specifically, mentoring “the underdog.” Caroline believes the secret to happiness is for everyone to mentor and be mentored.  She’s also been a mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for 10 years. She’s been mentoring a young woman named Whitney for the last 6 of those years.

Whitney was 17 years old when she got matched with Caroline as part of a program for girls aging out of the foster care system. Whitney will tell you that one of the pieces of wisdom Caroline regularly shares with her is that life really comes down to 3 things, and they all have to do with opportunities: (1) knowing when to take an opportunity when it comes your way, (2) knowing when to pass on an opportunity, and (3) knowing when to offer an opportunity to others.Whitney is one of those kids that despite all of life’s challenges, she’s been able to continue fighting and performing in life.


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