Stanley Bronstein Interviews Bobby Kleinau


Growing up as an obese child/teenager, Bobby decided one day to change his life. He says he had a realization at the age of 19 and that realization helped change the way he would look at life moving forward.  He says he weighed 358 pounds at one time and he was battling psychological issues. As if it couldn’t get worse, he even saw his dog/best friend lose the use of his back legs.

Bobby says it would have been easy to see himself as a victim in those instances. Too easy. He says he decided that his then present course would not lead him to the life he had envisioned for himself. So he made changes. Big time changes. He says he took responsibility for his life… and then things started to happen. He lost 140 pounds, all while maneuvering his brain through psychological obstacles. He also dedicated himself to his paralyzed dog for what’s now been over 6 years. He went back to school to become a nutrition counselor. He started a company that helps dogs in need. He eats cleaner. He moves better. He lives a life he says he loves. Best yet, he says there’s more to come!


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