Stanley Bronstein Interviews Bob Miller


Bob is a former international entrepreneur, author, speaker and consultant. He has traveled in over 45 countries and worked with companies and individuals in 21 different countries. He’s a member or past member of MENSA, Rotary International, National Speakers Association, International Platform Assn., Wisconsin Professional Speakers Assn., American Society for Training and Development, Toastmasters International, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Global Information Network.

Bob’s priorities changed in the early 90’s when, on a vacation trip to Mexico to get rid of his stress, he fell in love with 120 kids in an orphanage. After repeated trips, then moving to Guadalajara, and five years of bureaucratic hoop jumping, he became the adopted father of two children. The experience of seeing the developmental differences between children being raised in a family and those still in institutions led him to begin Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc. (O.F.O.C.) a 501(c)3 nonprofit working to create Sustainable Communities of Families Adopting Children. Since then, Bob has chosen to dedicate his life full time, 24/7, to creating the economically self-sustaining communities. His favorite application is where orphans benefit by being adopted while at the same time economies and societies improve.


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