Stanley Bronstein Interviews Becky Blanton


Back in 2006, Becky was one of the invisible, working homeless. She decided to change her life when she decided to stop being invisible and instead became very public about her homelessness by giving a TED Global Talk on that very subject.

Now, almost seven years later she’s changing the world, or at least a small corner of it. She’s working with Kissito Health International, writing about people, working with people and connecting people with a small village of 2,000 in Uganda. Her goal is to feed homeless villagers who are starving after a freak hailstorm destroyed their crops, their homes and their lives.

Becky says homelessness can happen everywhere in the blink of an eye, whether you’re living in a mud hut in Africa, or in a mansion in Hollywood. Her message is that “Hope always finds a way” and her hope is that you’re inspired by her message.


You Can Visit The Website Of Kissito Healthcare At

You Can Visit The Website Of The Kissito Relief Efforts In Uganda At

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