Stanley Bronstein Interviews Bailie Slevin


Bailie started her professional career as a theatrical stage manager, working many Off and Off-Off Broadway shows while holding down a day job at a talent agency. During this time, she was barely making enough money to live and thus she racked up debt and felt miserable. When she finally left the talent agency, it was to get a degree in massage therapy.

Roughly 17 months later, 3 weeks from graduation, she was in a car accident and shattered her right arm. Unable to work in massage or theatre due to the rigorous physical therapy and pain, she started working in her father’s office. As a financial adviser of almost 30 years, he put Bailie into training classes and she started learning how money actually works and she says it changed her life. Ever since, she’s been on a mission of bringing this information to as many people as she can thus helping them to create the career path and retirement of their dreams.


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