Stanley Bronstein Interviews Andrew and Tad Druart


Tad Druart says he’s learning about the importance of history as he lives vicariously through his 13-year old son, Andrew. At age 10, Andrew became passionate about the Civil War and helping other kids learn about it. He created a website, and through that site and his related Facebook page, has raised more than $15,000 to help preserve Civil War battlefields.

But, as Andrew’s passion for history has expanded beyond the Civil War, Tad says he’s found himself learning more about the people and places that have had in impact on their lives. They say they’ve been blessed to meet many historians, take part in living history events, and share dinner and history tours with many of the nation’s finest young historians who serve as National Park Rangers. Tad says he has a unique perspective on what we can learn from history through the eyes of a parent of a kid who was called “Chief Kidstorian of the National Battlefields” by his Park Ranger friends.


Andrew Talks About The Capture of the 16th Iowa Volunteer Infantry – The Battle of Atlanta

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