Stanley Bronstein Interviews Andrea Bouchaud


Andrea began her love affair with France at the tender age of 13. As the granddaughter of a Frenchman who gave up his language and culture to become American, Andrea always wondered what it meant to be French besides having a last name that no one could spell or pronounce. French foreign language studies all throughout high school and college only whetted her thirst for more knowledge. When she was 20 years old, she studied abroad in Paris for a year.

She says the experience was not what she hoped it would be. Her first semester in Paris was plagued with disappointment, frustration and the ups and downs that come with being twenty years old. Andrea almost gave up on her dream to live in France but persevered and stayed the year. Studying abroad was not just a chance to connect with her French roots and improve her linguistic skills; It was a chance to grow into an adult. Since then, she’s published 2 books on the subject of studying abroad, in the hopes of helping others prepare for the experience and to get the most out of it.


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