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Leigh-Anne Anderson & Nora Miller

Leigh-Anne Anderson and Nora Miller are the founding partners of Anderson Miller PR, a boutique public relations agency in Southern California with a focus on being empathetic to and serving the customers’ best interests aligned with their clients’ missions, all while being socially responsible.

Leigh-Anne Anderson’s marketing, advertising, public relations, and business management experience spans five continents and nearly every industry. From start-up companies to Fortune 500 brands, her proven ability to drive sales and exceed marketing goals is what has made her one of the most sought after marketing professionals in the world. She earned her Masters Degree in Business Management and Marketing in her home country of South Africa.

Nora Miller’s unique approach of integrating traditional and digital marketing has been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Business Journals, and Contently. Her marketing expertise includes raising awareness and driving profits for consumer packaged goods, sports marketing, legal professionals, event specialists, retail stores, gourmet foods, non-profit organizations, fundraisers, events, radio personalities, and musicians, beauty, and health care professionals.


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