Stanley Bronstein Interviews Allison Fleece


Allison is the co-founder of WHOA travel. WHOA is a New York based boutique adventure travel company for women, by women, that curates high adventure bucket list trips. At the heart of every WHOA adventure is a giving back component that connects with and benefits local women in the communities they adventure to. Allison says they’re a high adventure company with a heart!

She graduated from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame with a Bachelors in Marketing and International Business. Upon graduation, she moved to Germany to pursue an internship at Adidas’ world headquarters. From there, she took other positions in the sports industry but later found an opportunity that allowed her to move from Europe to New York City in 2010.

Her entrepreneurial spirit, and love for travel, adventure, and education inspired her to leave the 9-5 work life and launch WHOA. She is now living her dream of motivating women around the world to step out of their comfort zones and take on the world!



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