Stanley Bronstein Interviews Alice Osborn


Alice is the author of three poetry books and she says she isn’t afraid to go to the pain points from her childhood that include feelings of loss and abandonment from her parents. Always a writer, she dedicated herself full-time to writing after she became estranged from her parents. Twelve years later, she forgave herself and her parents in order to move through her struggle, so she could help other writers find their voice.  She believes that the best writer’s work will still sound hollow and fake without a strong sense of self and purpose. First they must dream their story and then they must build it.

One of many of Alice’s gifts is to stretch her students and gently force them to reflect on their life and their surroundings, so that they become the hero of their own story without resorting to seeing themselves as a victim. Most of all, Alice helps her clients believe they can make a difference in the world because she’s making a difference in her own by expressing her poetry and voice without apology.


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