6 Ways To Make Sure You Remember Your Dreams

dreamPeople Ask Me How It Is That I Have So Many Vivid Dreams

People who know me well know that I like to talk about my dreams from time to time (especially the good ones).

I’m often asked, how do you remember your dreams?

Here are the 6 things I do to increase the chances I remember my dreams.

Method #1 – Making A Conscious Effort

The #1 thing I do to remember my dreams is acknowledging that I WANT to remember my dreams.

By simply telling your brain that you want to remember your dreams, you tell your brain that it needs to make an effort to do so.

This may seem silly, but it is true. If your brain knows that it is important to remember your dreams, it will set aside appropriate resources to make sure you do just that.

Method #2 – Focusing Your Dreams

If you take a few minutes each night before you go to sleep to meditate, and to think about just what it is that you want to dream about, you increase the chances that you will dream about that subject.

If you dream about a subject you are focused upon, your brain will devote more energy to that dream. By devoting more energy to that dream, you have a better chance of remembering it.

Method #3 – Realizing That The Universe Plays A Major Part In Our Dreams

In my experience, many people fight their dreams. They resist them. Many people are afraid of their dreams. I try to do the exact opposite.

I believe that the universe sends us EXACTLY what we need EXACTLY when we need it.

The only problem is that we frequently don’t realize it at the time.

If we acknowledge that the universe wants to help up; that it wants to take care of us, then we will accept whatever dreams come our way.

Method #4 – Overcoming Our Fear Of Our Dreams

Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that leads to total obliteration.

BUT, if we face our fear, it will pass through us and we will be in control.

If, as I mentioned in Method #3 above, we embrace the universe and trust the universe, there is nothing to fear.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of a crazy, scary dream where I thought there was no way out and I just thought – Oh, this is a dream. I’ll just wake up now. That’ll solve this problem.

If only it was that easy in regular life.

Method #5 – Realizing That Dreams Are Our Friends

The more time I spend focusing on my dreams and analyzing them, the more I believe that our dreams are there to help us, NOT TO HURT US.

If we embrace them and allow them to play out, they have amazing messages for us, IF WE WILL ONLY LISTEN.

Method #6 – Writing Down Our Dreams

This may be the most important method of them all. Simply keep a pen and paper, OR a computer next to your bed and when you wake up from an incredible dream, WRITE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY, WHILE IT IS STILL FRESH IN YOUR MIND.

All too often, we will forget our dreams very rapidly. THAT is why we must make a conscious effort to write them down, IMMEDIATELY after they are finished.

We cannot give them a chance to fade. Instead, we must make an effort to record them while they are fresh in our mind.

For example, a few nights ago when I had my incredible dream, I woke up immediately (even though it was 3:00 AM and wrote it down. I got the dream out from my mind and recorded it, BEFORE it had a chance to fade.

That’s what you need to do.

Until next time, may you find your path by walking it . . .

Stanley Bronstein

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