Sarah_Jane_CionIt was such a pleasure to speak to you today. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity. I so look forward to staying in touch with you. You are very supportive and uplifting! I had such a  wonderful time speaking with you!  Thank you again!

Sarah Jane Cion – 1st Place Winner of the 17th Annual Great American Jazz Piano Competition

Listen to Sarah’s Interview with Stanley Bronstein

Alter_WienerIt was my pleasure to talk to you and to share my life story with you …  I watched the interview on the link below. It is done very professionally; I am pleased and grateful.  Please be aware I admire your efforts to improve other people’s lives; it will eventually and hopefully enhance your life.

 Alter Wiener

World War II Concentration Camp Survivor

Listen To Alter’s Interview with Stanley Bronstein

Afam OnyemaStanley, the pleasure was all mine. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you. You are a gifted interviewer and a kind man. I also believe the interview came out quite well, mostly because of your guidance. I am excited about remaining in touch with you.

Afam Onyema

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

The GEANCO Foundation

Listen To Afam’s Interview with Stanley Bronstein

Heather_HansIt is a pleasure to  connect with you and I’d love to stay in touch. I looked at some of the links you have on the Laws of Positioning and they’re fabulous!! Do let me know how I may be of service . . . I’m honored to be a part of your journey to becoming the world’s #1 resource for change!

Heather Hans

Certified Professional Intuitive Coach

and Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner

Listen To Heather’s Interview with Stanley Bronstein

Becky_BlantonThank you Stanley! I really enjoyed the interview!

One of the best ever and I have several a month…

Becky Blanton

Kissito Health International

Speaker on subject of Homelessness – TED Global Talks

Listen To Becky’s Interview with Stanley Bronstein

Kathryn_StarkeHave a great week changing the world! :)

Kathryn Starke

CEO Creative Minds Publications

Listen To Kathryn’s Interview with Stanley Bronstein

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